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Renter Requirements

F.A.R. 91.405 requires pilots to confirm that an annual inspection has been performed within the last twelve (12) calendar months, in accordance with Part 43, and has been approved for return to service. Most renter pilots take for granted that such an annual has been completed, without checking. This could lead to an F.A.A. enforcement action – and thirty (30) day suspension – against the renter pilot.

Additionally, should mishap occur, the supposed insurance coverage may be denied. Both the F.B.O. policy and the renter’s non-owner policy will, more than likely, require the aircraft to be in an “airworthy” condition or, as relevant here, that the aircraft has a current annual. If not, the carrier may deny coverage, leaving the F.B.O. and, more importantly, the renter pilot at risk to absorb the financial loss.

So, again, it will pay to take the added time necessary to confirm that the aircraft is in an airworthy condition, as also required pursuant to F.A.R. 91.7.
by Richard T. Miller, Specialist in Aviation Law – (818) 994-8234