Of course, an automobile accident is a traumatic event for everyone involved; especially, if someone is injured. And the most important step following an accident is to see that appropriate and necessary medical attention is provided to anyone that is injured – including emergency services and follow-up treatment. Do not delay getting treatment at all as that may diminish any monetary claim(s) for reimbursement for your injuries.

The next priority is documenting what occurred. This means getting the local police authorities to come to the scene of the accident and make a detailed report of what occurred, including names, addresses, driver license and automobile information, driver and witness statements, photographs and diagrams. This important record in most instances will determine who was responsible for causing the accident and provide the basis for negotiating settlements with the insurance companies involved.

Another important basis for negotiating settlements, and if necessary going to court/trial are the medical records and billings incurred for medical services rendered (no matter who pays for those services). So, it is best to get copies of all medical records, charts, xrays, MRI and other diagnostic reports. All these records will eventually be included in a package to be sent to the insurance adjuster(s) involved to help resolve the personal injury claims. Also included would be estimates and/or repair bills for damage to the vehicles involved, as well as all documentation related to any loss of earnings claim (if one of the injured parties could not work for some time due to the accident).